Take your cultural intelligence to the next level!

Last webinar for 2017!
DATE: Tuesday 12 December 2017
TIME: 12:00 CET

Globalization changes the way we works, we now have to understand our customers, suppliers, clients, colleagues from all over the world. For that, we need the ability to decode cultural differences in order to communicate, build commitment, and work effectively with others.

  • You are a good professional, confident in your professional expertise.
  • You are open-minded, curious enough to discover your new environment.
  • You are intellectually prepared to what specificities and cultural differences you’re going to face.

Yet, around 40% of international assignment will fail, and 25% of expatriates will quit their company within two years after their repatriation.

Intercultural competences are the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures and allow you to work efficiently in a multicultural context.

You must develop your intercultural competences if you want to succeed!


This 45' webinar will bring you tips to:



• Understand cultural differences and develop your sensitivity


• Better communicate with other cultures


• Strengthen the commitment and cooperation of multicultural teams


• Manage uncertainty, frustration, stress


• Evaluate your strengths to build on


• Design a development plan to improve your skills


• Develop your intercultural effectiveness ...

"The conference is very interesting, through your examples I realized that cultural differences are even more important than I thought."  


"I discovered that having a true intercultural approach to both professional and personal life is supported by four competencies to master, and I enjoyed the demonstration of the" Cultural Shock "and" Change Selected "cycles. I liked your conference and will certainly recommend it. "  


"Your slides presenting the different stages are very interesting!"  


"Thank you for reminding us to stay positive!"  


"I leave with the desire to test the exchange of good practices and explanatory round table at the beginning of the meeting."  


"I'm also leaving with the questions of Perform (how do I make to communicate and work a multicultural team) and better manage the uncertainty on the personal side."  


"Thank you Isabelle, insighful and positive."

Isabelle Goyon - Global Coaching for Expats
I work with executives, managers, multicultural teams and expatriate partners to overcome the challenges of professional and international transitions
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